HHCS Habilitation (HAH) services provide a variety of interventions designed to maximize the functioning of members with developmental disabilities. Our HAH services may include habilitative therapies, special developmental skills, behavior intervention and sensorimotor development.

All HAH services are designed to assist our members in acquiring, retaining and improving the self-help, socialization and adaptive skills necessary to reside successfully in home and in community based settings. The services include the provision of training in independent living skills or special developmental skills, orientation and mobility training, sensorimotor development, and behavioral management


Honora Healthcare Services ATC provides a qualified care giver to supply needed services in an individual’s home, to assist the member to remain in his or her own home and participate in community activities. ATC services are aimed at assisting our members to attain or maintain safe and sanitary living environment and maintain personal cleanliness and activities of daily living.


HHCS RSP provides relief to a family member or person caring for a member. RSP provider provides supervision either in or outside of the member’s home, as well as supporting the emotional, physical, and mental well-being of the member.

HHCS RSP provides short-term care and supervision consistent with the health needs of the member to supplement care and provide a safe living environment.

Our Mission
We are committed to providing high quality, client- focused programs aimed towards promoting client’s dignity and independence with family involvement. Client’s individual needs are carefully assessed, understood and met through the selective assignment of qualified, trustworthy and compassionate personnel.

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